‘Million Strip Weekend’ Proves International Relevence For FG Xpress

fg-xpress-reviewYou can’t argue with numbers. And if the numbers are telling us anything, it’s that FGXpress’s PowerStrips are an international hit.

How do we know?

This comes after a hugely successful kickoff event held August 1-4 2014. The event was actually an awareness campaign during which free samples of FGXpress’s product were given away. The product is PowerStrips, which are natural pain relief strips for temporary relief of minor pain…FDA listed as a class 1 medical device and containing natural ingredients that give no harmful side effects.

Bloggers all over the internet are raving about this sensation, including Multiple Streams: http://multiplestreams.org/fg-xpress-review/

A Million Strips Says it All…

The goal of the campaign was two-fold:

  1. create awareness of natural pain relief and wellness
  2. put a million PowerStrips on people to spread the word

Organizers in each country of the multi-nation event were unanimous in expressing their joy after the event, which proved successful by every definition of the word. Currently PowerStrips are shipped to 174 countries.

Through the power of natural healing, the body is capable of amazing things. Left to its own devices, the human body has resources most people aren’t even aware of unless they experience it themselves. That’s the concept FGXpress is built upon, one which is gaining momentum across the country and one which is more often than before backed by science and approved by doctors. Even the FDA is behind PowerStrips, as they are listed as a class 1 medical device.

Internationally Appealing, Universally Practical

Pain knows no economic levels, no international boundaries. From Manila to Moscow, just some of the places where PowerStrips are sold, the need is strong for safe, effective pain relief. Parisians as well as South Americans love the product and the idea of natural healing is globally catching fire…timing couldn’t be more perfect for the launch of a natural pain relief strip like this one sold by FGXpress.

After the awareness campaign in August, sales took at 22% bump upwards, showing that the more people who know about PowerStrips, the more demand there is for this product.

Natural Pain Relief Is Always in Demand

What’s more, demand for a quality natural product like this doesn’t fluctuate with the economy. When people feel the need to tighten their budgets, pain relief is not an area where they’re likely to trim the fat. That means PowerStrips are virtually recession-proof and the appeal won’t wane. Just another reason they’re universally appealing and here to stay, no matter where you are on the globe.

After all, the appeal of quality raw materials is universal, especially when it comes to health products. The world over, people are considering more carefully what they put into their bodies. They’re also considering the side-effects of medicine they take, including pain relief. There’s huge demand for natural pain relief and PowerStrips have hit the market at exactly the right time in history to fulfill the demand.

FGXpress’s innovative, natural formula for pain relief and herbal pain relief has already proven to be immensely popular and it’s only been launched this year. What’s in store for the future? Another million strip event for September 2014, where distributors expect another million people will discover that safe ingredients can and do promote effective pain relief, and that the body can perform miracles, given the right ingredients.