[How To] Run a Limo or Transportation Business


When deciding to run your own limo business and how it’s going to work, you need to know just what all in included. Knowing that you are totally aware of each aspect means that your business will be nothing but a success.

Know your goal. This is the direction that your company will take, so fully having that goal is key.

Is the business going to be small and local?

Jason Cobb had the right idea of keeping BoiseLimo.net relatively small, focusing more on Boise-areas airport limo shuttle.

“Instead of trying to specialize in 7-10 different niches, we just wanted to be the best at one thing. For us, that was airport shuttle.”

Or are you striving to become a top competitor in the industry? Will you stay in one area, or across the nation? Know what kind of service you are seeking to provide. This will channel the efforts you take and also show customers.

Keep finances up to date. Financing is important in any business, but especially in a high class type such as limos. Know your partners, and keep in touch with financers closely. No one wants to be surprised by the financial state of their company, so make sure you’re just as on top of it as those who are in charge of your money. Also, any partners who provide you services are those to keep close. You want to make sure that they won’t fail you, and establish a relationship of trust and reliability on both ends.

Take advantage of claims that arise. When something goes wrong, there is typically things to help if you have insurance or meet certain criteria. Utilize these because it will help keep your finances in the clear, and also it is taking advantage of things that are legally yours. Not doing so is a mistake many companies make.

Make sure you have the proper training for the staff. The way that your staff acts reflects on the nature of the company. People want drivers who are reliable and safe. Make sure that you don’t just hire anyone off the street. Hire people who are really right for the job, friendly, and personable. This can also be used as an advertising scheme that is actually truthful. Knowing that you honestly take the training seriously will mean a better reception of your company onto the scene.

Customer service is perhaps the most important. Your company is run by them, so treating them right is key. Respect them and their time. While you don’t want them to totally overtake you, work to ensure a good experience for each. Research reviews for other rivaling companies, and use those to your advantage. Knowing that people want and emphasizing that is a great tactic to making sure your business stands out above the rest.

Aim your business. Know who your customers are. Is your business mostly just more expensive and fancy?

Work to aim them towards business executives, and point out events to utilize use for those on a wealthier scale. Perhaps you want to receive a wide range of customers. Think of things that families, or more unique situations so that you get the general public thinking more about different ways to use a limo. In this way, you get the people you are striving to reach and also getting your name out there.

In the end, it’s all up to you.

Look at huge companies like Limos.com…they’re everywhere, and they’re successful.

Then, look at BoiseLimo.net, which keeps it small, but still thrives.

Either way, make sure you deliver a good product, and your limousine business should see prosperity and longevity.

Good luck. -Liberty Features Small Business Staff

Forskolin and Other “Trendy” Supplements Making Waves

forskolinWhile the biggest and trendiest diet aren’t always the best ones to follow, there are some nuggets of wisdom and truth in these diets, some that actually work and do help you lose weight. Looking toward next year, we’re going to see a shift away from diets that require you to completely drop one kind of food from your diet entirely, and a much bigger focus on diets that actually help you lose weight and keep it off, by restoring your body’s natural balance.

1. Garcinia Cambogia – This supplement is a derivative of a fruit by the same name. It has been widely tested and found that in the majority of patients, it can actually help them lose weight and keep it off. It works in two basic ways. First, it suppresses the appetite, making it possible for someone who struggles with compulsive eating to get over this hurtle. Second, some studies have shown that it actually blocks the body’s process that changes sugar into fat. This means that it can prevent a person from gaining weight if they eat too much sugar.

2. The Flexitarian Diet – This diet has been around for a few years, but it’s liable to make a comeback in the coming year, as we stop focusing so much on what we “shouldn’t” eat, and instead on how to restart a metabolism so eating isn’t the enemy of losing weight. This diet is designed to help participants feel full longer and eat smaller, regulated meals by adjusting the eating process. It is dominated by protein and vegetables, as well as concepts like drinking enough water, getting rid of temptation foods, picking up a hobby, and eating only off of a plate while sitting at the kitchen table.

3. The Zone Diet & Forskolin – The Zone Diet has also been around for a few years, but it is full of tried and true wisdom that should allow it to see a resurgence in the coming year. It is extremely basic. It states that each meal should be 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbs.

Bet it’s been a while since you’ve seen a diet that encouraged you to eat carbs, right? The carbs should be, of course, good for you, like fruit or vegetables or whole grains. This diet is especially targeted to boosting the metabolism so losing weight and keeping it off is easy.

And, better with a side of Forskolin, which is a trendy plant that looks like a mint leaf. This new weight loss option has also been a good side benefit with the slow-carb diet as well.

The Liberty of Network Marketing Systems

The most common question that we see about a network marketing systems is; Will it work for me?


Although that is a tough answer, there are many systems out there that are definitely making it easier for first timers to jump right in and actually create a successful business.

iPas2 or Accelerated Internet Prospecting System is one that comes highly recommended by marketers at all skill levels. You can check out the iPas2 features by doing a quick search online.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Lets take a closer look at what Network Marketing is.

What Is Network Marketing

In business, people always want to get to know people and keep them going on the path towards success. If one is friendly with a lot of people who are senior and have the right connections, then this can increase their chances of being successful and sustaining this. When someone tries to connect with the right people, this is known as network marketing.

It could be argued that network marketing is all about interpersonal skills and mutual benefits. If someone is good at talking to a variety of people and does not annoy them, instead being good company, then this means they are more likely to get the right connections. This is enhanced when people can come to a deal which benefits them both and the people involved get something out of it. This is known as a mutually beneficial relationship.

Network marketing needs to be practiced regularly for it to have any meaning.

Should You Become Your Own Boss

Being self-employed is a nice thing to be although it is very different to being in a full-time job. Your hours are set, you have to answer to a boss and there are other responsibilities that you will have to live up to as a full-time employee.

On the other hand, being self-employed is completely different. Firstly, you do not have to answer to a boss and you can set your own working hours and patterns with as much free time as you want although of course you will still need to put the hours in so that you can enjoy success. Before picking your business venture, you will want to take a close look and make sure everything looks legit. I always recommend staying up to date with cyber laws and regulations.

Picking The Right Opportunity Or Clients

There is also no guarantee of work when you are self-employed. You have to find and source all the work yourself which can be quite good as you choose the type of clients that you want to deal with and then you can deal with them at your leisure.

Once you find a client or a system that you prefer, do your due diligence and see if the opportunity is right for you. For instance, Dubli is an opportunity that is currently exploding all over the globe.

This expert overview of dubli network even went as far as say that people who join at this point in time with a company with this much momentum could really influence and impact the marketplace as well as the global trend of using systems for marketing online.

‘Million Strip Weekend’ Proves International Relevence For FG Xpress

fg-xpress-reviewYou can’t argue with numbers. And if the numbers are telling us anything, it’s that FGXpress’s PowerStrips are an international hit.

How do we know?

This comes after a hugely successful kickoff event held August 1-4 2014. The event was actually an awareness campaign during which free samples of FGXpress’s product were given away. The product is PowerStrips, which are natural pain relief strips for temporary relief of minor pain…FDA listed as a class 1 medical device and containing natural ingredients that give no harmful side effects.

Bloggers all over the internet are raving about this sensation, including Multiple Streams: http://multiplestreams.org/fg-xpress-review/

A Million Strips Says it All…

The goal of the campaign was two-fold:

  1. create awareness of natural pain relief and wellness
  2. put a million PowerStrips on people to spread the word

Organizers in each country of the multi-nation event were unanimous in expressing their joy after the event, which proved successful by every definition of the word. Currently PowerStrips are shipped to 174 countries.

Through the power of natural healing, the body is capable of amazing things. Left to its own devices, the human body has resources most people aren’t even aware of unless they experience it themselves. That’s the concept FGXpress is built upon, one which is gaining momentum across the country and one which is more often than before backed by science and approved by doctors. Even the FDA is behind PowerStrips, as they are listed as a class 1 medical device.

Internationally Appealing, Universally Practical

Pain knows no economic levels, no international boundaries. From Manila to Moscow, just some of the places where PowerStrips are sold, the need is strong for safe, effective pain relief. Parisians as well as South Americans love the product and the idea of natural healing is globally catching fire…timing couldn’t be more perfect for the launch of a natural pain relief strip like this one sold by FGXpress.

After the awareness campaign in August, sales took at 22% bump upwards, showing that the more people who know about PowerStrips, the more demand there is for this product.

Natural Pain Relief Is Always in Demand

What’s more, demand for a quality natural product like this doesn’t fluctuate with the economy. When people feel the need to tighten their budgets, pain relief is not an area where they’re likely to trim the fat. That means PowerStrips are virtually recession-proof and the appeal won’t wane. Just another reason they’re universally appealing and here to stay, no matter where you are on the globe.

After all, the appeal of quality raw materials is universal, especially when it comes to health products. The world over, people are considering more carefully what they put into their bodies. They’re also considering the side-effects of medicine they take, including pain relief. There’s huge demand for natural pain relief and PowerStrips have hit the market at exactly the right time in history to fulfill the demand.

FGXpress’s innovative, natural formula for pain relief and herbal pain relief has already proven to be immensely popular and it’s only been launched this year. What’s in store for the future? Another million strip event for September 2014, where distributors expect another million people will discover that safe ingredients can and do promote effective pain relief, and that the body can perform miracles, given the right ingredients.